Client Reviews

How often, after a significant business transaction (buying a home?), have you sat back and said, “we had the best representation possible, we trust our realtor, and now that we’re moving in, we want to stay connected.” Meet Adele! Skilled negotiator—discussions don’t escalate, they resolve; team captain—the best of craftsmen, legal and financial advisers are part of Adele’s extensive network and it gets done yesterday. Meet this realtor with the heart of a Mom and the financial and negotiating acumen to bring you home! Adele helped me sell and buy, she helped me prep and stage and move to a home I love.
— Seller and Buyer, Shakerhill
Adele is truly a gem. Besides being a fabulous realtor who is conscientious with a good eye and attention to detail, she is a lovely human being. I met her nearly 15 years ago at an open house and with her warm and engaging manner I knew that I would want to use her as my realtor some day and I did. She is a really special person.
— Seller, Bartlett Avenue, Oakland
Adele helped me both buy and sell a home in the Oakland Hills. She is a hard-working, top-notch professional in both capacities. Adele combines expertise with a caring heart and is truly a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Adele again, and I highly recommend her.
— Buyer and Seller, Buena Vista Avenue, Oakland
Thank you so much for all your help finding us a house to call home. We are enjoying the space and appreciating this great house move more everyday. Thank you for all your support, advice and guidance through this process (hopefully you’ll enjoy some of you free time now that we aren’t asking you to show us ONE more place!).
— Buyers, Harbord Drive, Oakland
Adele recently represented us on the sale of an income property and succeeded in closing the sale at a price above our expectations, and as quickly as we could have ever have hoped. She is a joy to work with.
— Seller, Lewis Avenue, San Leandro
Adele was fantastic to work with. She went above and beyond, expertly guiding us. In a tough market, Adele’s expert advice and guidance certainly helped us get the house we wanted. Adele is also incredibly kind, and she made this process pleasant and fun. No one knows this market better than Adele, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.
— Buyer, Magellan Avenue, Oakland
Thank you for all of your help, guidance & patience with us.
We not only appreciate it, but feel so lucky to have worked with you!
— Buyers, Lawton Avenue, Oakland
Sincere pleasure... Adele represented the Sellers in a property that my wife and I purchased and represented us in a property that we sold. In both transactions, Adele demonstrated the highest of ethics as well as uncompromising hard work. Adele was always available to answer my many questions and followed up on every task in a very timely manner. In summary, I couldn’t have selected a better agent to work with!
— Sellers and Buyers, Caldwell Road, Oakland
She’s a 10+++! She went the extra mile, when she didn’t have to. Adele provided enhancement recommendations that were truly needed for the home, negotiated a good price and made it all happen smoothly. Adele was the best. Very professional, caring and knows the local market.
— Sellers, Manila Avenue, Oakland
We can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your hard work. We honestly believe we would not have gotten the house without you! It’s clear you truly care about our needs and have bent over backwards to provide exceptional service.
— buyer, totterdell street, oakland
Adele was absolutely wonderful to work with! Friendly, accessible, responsive. This was a very difficult transition for us, and she made it as stress-free as possible. Not only is she knowledgeable about the area, but her contacts in the field are extensive. We would recommend her without hesitation.
— Seller, Morpeth Street, Oakland
Chris and I have remarked time and again at the hard work you put in for us, and how you made this remote purchase a reality. Your professionalism, attention to detail and availability helped me understand where the true value is to be had in the real estate business. Many thanks again. I will happily recommend you to friends, and hope to see you soon!
— Buyers, Proctor Avenue, Oakland
My husband and I recently sold our home, and we could not leave the area without singing the praises of the agent who made it all happen. Adele was invariably pleasant, professional, upbeat; she has an uncanny knack for handling difficult situations with grace and style. Adele helped us make decisions about improvements needed to reap the greatest dividends, referred competent contractors and was excellent at bolstering my spirits or calming me down as the situation required. I would unconditionally recommend Adele to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, competent, professional and personally delightful real estate agent.
— Seller, St. Andrews Drive, Oakland
Adele is phenomenal to work with — she went above and beyond for us at every step and her knowledge of the market was an asset.
— Buyer, Lyman Road, Oakland
Detail oriented, professional and efficient. She is willing to go the extra mile and put in the time to get the best deal.
— Seller, Sonia Street, Oakland
Adele was amazing from the start! She kept me focused when I derailed from my original goal and emphasized my initial vision. Adele turned a very stressful process into a reassuring and exciting experience. She made my dreams come true!
— Buyer, Dunkirk Avenue, Oakland
Adele was such a pleasure to work with! We had a tight time frame to get our house ready to sell and she was super organized and made it all happen quickly! We were thrilled with the sales price and recommend her highly.
— Sellers, Lewis Avenue, San Leandro
Of all the houses we’ve lived in over the years (and there have been many!), this is the first one we can truly call home. Thank you, Adele, for making us so happy!
— buyers, Pinehaven Road, Oakland
Adele was a joy to work with. We were concerned about getting overwhelmed by the insane Bay Area market. She listened to us, guided us, helped with referrals throughout, and gave us the room we needed to make the right decisions for our family. I highly recommend working with Adele.
— Buyers, Mauritania Avenue, Oakland
Adele was responsive; patiently answered our many questions and shared guidance. After getting back from vacation she called us to say “I’ve found your home.” She really has her finger on the East Bay real estate pulse. Adele’s friendly demeanor and positive attitude... is very much like a super helpful family member, and that made everything that much less intimidating.
— Buyers, El Dorado Avenue, Oakland
Adele was key to making our home purchase happen. Without her, I doubt we would have been the successful bidder.
— Buyer, Warfield Avenue, Piedmont
Adele! Thank you so much for everything you have done. You helped us deal with a lot of stress! Thanks again for making our new home a reality.
— Sellers and Buyers, Walavista Avenue, Oakland
Adele exceeded my expectations in achieving the highest offer among comparable properties and despite a number of legal obstacles, including a defect in title and pending litigation.
— Seller, Canyon Oaks Drive, Oakland